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Dr. Malini VARSHNEY OD, Dr. Gursharn BERING OD
It is surprising that people do not realize how important eye exams are, especially for children. Parents must not forget eye exams when booking their childrens’ annual check ups. Just as yearly physicals & six month dental check ups are encouraged, eye exams should be included on this list.

Why does a child who appears to see well need an eye exam?
A child may not have any vision complaints & pass routine screenings with 20/20 vision at distance & near, yet can not read continuously for longer than a few minutes. The screening may give the parents a false sense of security of their child's eye health. Since 80% of learning is through vision, this can significantly reduce the effective learning ability of this child! This is unfortunately a very common finding disclosed in children’s eye exams. In fact, many farsighted & astigmatic children have been misdiagnosed as having a learning disablility. When the vision deficiency has been detected, it is often after poor learning skills have developed, and a lot of learning time has been lost time for the child. Since the learning skills that we develop as a child primarily determine our academic success in the future, an annual eye exam for a child is just as important, if not more, than an annual eye exam for an adult.

As parents, we should consider it our responsibility to make sure we provide the best possible preventative eye health for not only ourselves, but more importantly, our children.