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Who is a good Candidate for Contact Lenses (CLs)? Today, CLs are available in a variety of materials & almost every type of prescription(Rx), allowing almost anyone with healthy eyes to take advantage of CL wear. This includes previously unsucessful CL patients with dry eye.

CLs can correct for:  near sightedness & far sightedness  astigmatism  presbyopia(bifocal and monovision)  coloured lenses-tints for light eyes & opaque for dark eyes  UV blockers

What is the difference between Disposables & Conventional CLs? Disposables are lenses that you replace at specific intervals as determined by your optometrist & the HCP/FDA. In general, disposables are replaced more frequently due to the use of a single care solution and the type of lens. Whereas, conventional CLs are used for approximately 1 year due to the recommended usage of a more costly multistep care system.

Are disposable CLs better or worse than conventional CLs? It is our belief, disposables are of superior quality. On a daily wear schedule, they allow better long term eye health by minimizing the risk to infection, sensitivity to solutions & lens deposits while having the convenience of one bottle cleaning. Overall, disposables are surprisingly more cost effective.

What Brand of Contact Lenses is the Best? There is not any one brand that is best for everyone. The type of CL best for you depends on the Rx, tear physiology, dimensions of the corneae & individual variances. What is suitable for one person may not be for another. Single use lenses may be considered the most ideal, provided that the optimal fit & vision is obtained. These are lenses that are inserted directly from the package, worn for one day, & disposed - the ultimate in convenience and health at an affordable fee. These one day CLs for everyone especially occasional wearers & travellers.

What are some advantages of contact lenses? CLs & in particular disposables, offer  less glare & reflections  more natural peripheral vision, especially with stronger Rx  more freedom & minimal limitations in sports & social events  less need for constant cleaning ie. water droplets during the rain, fogging during hot/cold, fingerprints, smudges  no need to keep up with styles & fashion  loss or rippage cost is minimal compared to spectacles  ability to wear fashion sunglasses over the Rx CLs  Rx changes are less costly & can be done more regularly with minimal cost